Writing thesis and anti-plagiarism

Writing master theses is a big intellectual challenge.

Not everyone is able to cope with him. Writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis is certainly not an easy task for many students. No wonder, then, that they sometimes look for an easy way to accomplish this task.

The way to do this is to write down the work of older colleagues, changing the order of sentences or using synonyms. More and more universities are preventing such practices by examining master theses from special programs of any platform. University is working on the OSA Open Antipaglag System, which has very critical parameters and captures all plagiarism and similarities more precisely.

Nevertheless, the promoter is most effectively protected by plagiarism, which checks the successively worked out fragments of the work and discusses with the student in detail. University also introduced the obligatory pass of the subject “Basics of intellectual property protection”, which effectively discourages students from practicing writing in violation of the law. Bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis is to be an individual, unique work of a student, supported by the knowledge he has acquired.

In the end, writing the work is not to desecrate fake slogans from someone, but to contribute to the intellectual, to shed new light on a given problem.

Writing master theses – cz is the introduction to a great career for various students ?.

Writing a master thesis, even very good, does not guarantee professional success. Let’s be honest: for employers, masters are a secondary matter. What really interests them is the candidate’s practical skills. At present, the most sought after employees in the labor market are sellers. First of all, sales skills and predispositions matter. The websites are full of advertisements for sales representatives, customer advisors and financial advisors. In second place, the most sought-after employees are IT specialists. There is currently one million developers in all of Europe. On the third place are qualified manual workers, such as truck drivers, welders, or masons. Writing a master thesis is definitely not the end of our education. It is often quite the opposite. Many of us will probably have to learn the rest of our lives.

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