Writing bachelor’s theses – general reflections

Writing bachelor’s theses is not an easy thing for students.

The following article will analyze the various options students have after writing this type of work. We will present each of them subjectively. The University has many interesting majors. You can study a lot of different directions on them. It is worth considering whether the bachelor’s degree in a given field is enough for us or whether we want to continue studies and write a master’s thesis.

After writing a BA thesis, you can always continue to study in extramural. Thanks to this, on the one hand, you earn money and gain practical knowledge. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to write a master’s thesis. This is a very good option. Even a great master’s thesis does not have to guarantee professional success. In fact, our practical skills and experience are the most important for employers. Our master and master’s thesis are usually secondary.

Another option is to continue studying on a daily basis.

This is rather the worst option. First of all, we do not make money during it. Secondly, we do not gain any practical experience. The advantage is that we focus 100% on learning and writing a thesis. However, it should be remembered that currently, not many employers are looking at our master thesis. For most employers, our skills and professional experience count.

Another option is to focus fully on your professional career after the BA. This is probably the best option. Thanks to her, we can focus fully on her career. We can supplement the knowledge when we see that it will be useful for us in practice. With this option, we already acquire specific skills and practices. They are usually more important than a master’s thesis for our potential employers.

Writing bachelor’s theses – general considerations.

Writing bachelor’s thesis is not easy. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree, however, gives many interesting options. At present, the most important are practical skills and experience. They should be a priority in our professional life. Formal titles can be considered as an addition. In the current job market, they have already lost their importance. Currently, practitioners are not included in the price, not theoreticians. Theoretical knowledge alone, unsupported by practice, is of little importance.

The University has many really interesting majors. Such majors as Information Technology or Marketing can certainly help us a lot in our professional career. In general, it is worth analyzing changes in the labor market and constantly monitor job advertisements. Thanks to this we will have an image of whether what we are studying will be useful in our professional life.

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